Dean Turner ~ Vintage Dapper Chap


 Dean is no stranger to character modeling. He has a wealth of experience in front of the camera, starting off 10 years ago to promote a laboratory.  Dean has affectionate love of all things vintage from Victorian up to his most desired period, the 40s. Dean has an array of original clothing to reflect this and it is testimonial to the fact he lives with his partner in 1940s decor house. Both Dean and Lynda are available to hire for events or camera clubs for portrait evenings/ days. Dean has featured in the latest series of Victoria and the next series of Peaky Blinders as as a TV extra. 

For more information on Dean please visit his Facebook page Vintage Dapper Chap


Lynda Easton ~ Vintage Dapper Darling


Without doubt, Vintage dapper darling has always been drawn to a bygone era, as if born in the wrong time frame!

She has an extensive wardrobe set in her various favourite time periods dating from the 1940's - 1920's, Edwardian and also Victorian.

Her creative streak also lends herself to Steampunk and T.V and film characters such as Dr Who's Missy, Mary Poppins, and more recently even snow white! 

Her love of all things vintage extends to every day life, as she lives in a 1940's house with her partner, Dean, whom she also does duo work with, Including the same time periods and varied characters such as Sweeny Todd and Mrs Lovett, to Peaky Blinders !

For more information on Lynda please visit her Facebook page Vintage Dapper Darling


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